The mimmymum Standard: DARVO and projection

If you’ve spent any time in the gender debate, especially over on Twitter, you’ll no doubt have come across the obsessive troll Helen Islan, aka mimmymum (if you haven’t, consider yourself lucky). I’ve mentioned her before, in my post about Mermaid’s Susie Green, but I think she deserves a post of her own, especially considering her recent antics.

Helen promotes suicide ideation

During the week, another Twitter trans activist, RobinSaysBlerg, allegedly threatened suicide over “harassment”.

There’s a few things worth pointing out about this tweet. First of all, the pills pictured are Norlyda norethindrone 0.35 mg, a contraceptive pill. According to, “No serious problems have been reported when many pills were taken by accident, even by a small child, so there is usually no reason to treat an overdose”, which would make it an odd choice for a suicide attempt. Secondly, threatening suicide is a well known form of emotional abuse.

I’m also going to provide a bit of backstory to this tweet. RSB had been attending court during the week with another Twitter TRA, abadgirly, in support of their friend Stephanie Hayden. I haven’t got time to describe Hayden’s vexatious use of the courts, to silence people who do not believe in gender ideology, so I’ll link to an article in The Times and you can read about it there. The case in question, this time, involves Catholic journalist Caroline Farrow, you can read a bit about that ongoing litigation here. Anyway, RSB and ABG alleged that Caroline had tried to assault them at the court. There was a strong reaction to these spurious allegations and this, apparently, is the “harassment”.

One of the people, besides Farrow, who was mentioned in RSB’s tweet is Louise Moody. Louise responded to this with a thread on Twitter. In her thread, she first of all suggested that RSB should seek help if they were feeling suicidal and then went on to explain how she, as a child, had been subjected to emotional abuse, including threats of suicide, from her mother.

This is where Helen enters the story. Rather than showing any concern for RSB or any empathy for Louise that this incident may have been upsetting, for re-opening childhood trauma, Helen decided that Louise was definitely to blame for RSB’s emotional state and, inexplicably, Louise was wrong for showing concern and talking about her own experiences.

You can read the Kiwi Farms thread mentioned in the tweet here. Although, I will warn you KF is a controversial site. Please also note, RSB’s tweet did not mention KF, but blamed specific women instead.

This really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Helen is a fierce proponent for the suicide baiting of dysphoric young people. You can see some of her work here…

There’s a few issues with Helen’s obsessive tweeting about “trans kids” being at risk of suicide. I’m going to highlight them here, with some quotes from The Samaritans.

  1. Various characteristics of the reporting of suicide are thought to increase the risk of imitative behaviour. These characteristics include: information about the method of suicide, prominent or repetitive reporting, or where the person involved is a celebrity.
  2. “…there is a risk of imitational behaviour due to ‘over-identification’. Vulnerable individuals may identify with a person who has died, or with the circumstances in which a person took their own life. For example, combining references to life circumstances, say a debt problem or job loss, and descriptions of an easy-to-imitate suicide method in the same report, could put at greater risk people who are vulnerable as a result of financial stress.”
  3. “Young people are particularly vulnerable to imitational suicides. Research shows they are the group most likely to be influenced by the media.”
  4. “Approximately 90 per cent of people who die by suicide have a diagnosed or undiagnosed mental health problem at the time of death.

It’s difficult to believe that Helen, a former marketing officer for Mermaids, is not aware of these facts. They are all readily available on the media section of The Samaritans website. One would assume that a charity, supposedly working with young people in a high risk group, would ensure that their marketing staff were trained in the responsible reporting about suicide and the vulnerable demographic they work with, rather than adding to the issue themselves by repeatedly bombarding at risk youth, and their family, with stories associating their group membership with suicide ideation.

In fact, Helen sometimes refers to The Samaritans in these tweets, so it’s impossible to believe that she is not aware of their guidelines, but she continues to ignore them, sending the message to dysphoric young people that they belong to a group who will inevitably attempt suicide, just because they belong to said group. I have never seen Helen suggest that people feeling suicidal should reach out for help from experts. Quite the contrary, to be fair, if we go back to the story that prompted this post, we can see that Helen and her supporters seem to think that buying some new pants might be more beneficial to RSB instead.

Predictably, Helen, who has been criticised in the media for her involvement in this, has not taken kindly to the criticism, and is denying that she has supported the narrative that Louise is responsible for RSB’s suicide threat.

So, I’m just going to leave this here, with no further comment…

I’m also going to point out, before we move on, that the suicide statistics, favoured by Helen, have been debunked by many people, including Michael Biggs, associate professor of sociology at Oxford University and women’s rights group Fair Play for Women.

I can’t believe she’s so bitter

In another of Helen’s recent shenanigans, she targeted the brand Flora for being “Mumsnet approved”. Here’s the tweet that started it…

Yes, that’s right, Helen announced she would be boycotting the brand Flora because they said they were mumsnet rated. For those of you unfamiliar with mumsnet, it’s a parenting forum, where mums can talk to each other about, well, parenting. For some reason, mainly, I think because mumsnet allows sensitive and nuanced discussions about dysphoric children, rather than telling them they will all die by suicide, if doctors don’t make them infertile before they reach their age of majority, Helen is obsessed with mumsnet too. As ever, here’s some examples…

This is just a tiny selection of Helen’s tweets referring to mumsnet. If I included them all, Id have room for nothing else on my blog.

Anyway, as I say, Helen had decided she would boycott Flora, and made sure to let her followers know about this, leading to a campaign by TRAs on Twitter, to put pressure on Flora and their parent brand Upfields to sever ties with mumsnet. This was ultimately successful. A result of this was users of mumsnet declaring their own boycott of the brand.

I bring this up because it gives us a beautiful, blatant example of Helen’s projection and DARVO (if you’re unfamiliar with this term, here’s a quick rundown of what it means). Bear in mind that this episode all began with Helen’s threat to boycott Flora herself, for not being part of her hivemind, this was her response when she heard about mumsnet’s users plan to do the same after her campaign had been successful.

This last one is particularly telling, we’ve already seen Helen’s obsessive tweeting, about suicide ideation and mumsnet, here’s a sample of her tweeting at and about Flora and Upfields both before and after them severing ties with mumsnet…

Court in a trap, or not

Of course, these recent examples aren’t Helen’s only forays into trans activism, nor her only examples of DARVO. Earlier this year, Helen took transsexual Miranda Yardley to court for, wait for it…”transphobia”. Yep, a self-proclaimed “cis” woman, took an actual trans person to court for supposedly being anti-trans. The case was, unsurprisingly, unsuccessful. However, it subjected Miranda to months of unnecessary stress. He has documented some of the DARVO in the case himself here, so I’ll let you read about it in his own words.

Helen has also targeted Graham Linehan, for daring to question the wisdom of Mermaid’s push to sterilise dysphoric children, by trying to coordinate a mass reporting campaign to his talent agency Inspired Thinking Group (ITGLimited.

Helen also belonged to the secret Facebook group, exposed in The Times, that was set up with the sole purpose of targeting academics who are critical of gender ideology. In fact, Helen loves coordinating her supporters for pile-ons. Here’s some more examples…

Of course, though, if you were to read Helen’s Twitter feed, with her penchant for DARVO and projection, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s “the TERFs” who are doing this to trans activists.

It’s a huge concern to me that emotionally abusive and manipulative people, like Helen, have become spokespeople for not only vulnerable children but trans people in general. Her targeted harassment of anyone who does not affirm her beliefs, and constant manipulation of reality, should ring alarm bells for us all. As should the fact that Mermaids allow her access to their own social media, despite her well documented, unacceptable, online behaviour. If this is the standard of care and representation dysphoric young people in the UK can expect, we are letting them down badly, and it’s time the powers that be consider who they are allowing to influence them.

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  1. Those are not contraceptives, those are Olanzepine. I was given a charcoal solution and was unconscious for 2 days. Delete this slander please.

    1. Hi Robyn, that’s not what Olanzepine looks like, as you can see here…

      It is, however, exactly what the contraceptive Noryloc (generic name, Norethindrone) looks like though, as you can see here…

      The correct identification of drugs is important, for everyone’s safety.

      So, no, this isn’t slander, and I won’t be deleting it. Stop trying to manipulate people with lies. I suggest the same as Louise, you should be seeking help if your mental health is in such crisis, not shitposting further misinformation on people’s blogs.

      1. I know what I took. More importantly, so do my medical records. You. Do. Not. Olanzepine, like most meds, comes in many different forms.

        A lot of generic medications look identical so I can understand why it might seem easy for simple-minded folk to go online and suddenly think they found ThE TrUtH, but to report that dubious speculation as fact is quite a different thing – in fact according to my solicitor, it is actually libel.

        I don’t want to make this a legal matter so I will ask you again to remove this claim as it is patently untrue.

        If you must know I have an IUD due to adenomyosis and the meds I had were for bipolar disorder, in case you’d like to publish something more ableist.

          1. I’m sorry, I was too busy shoveling them into my face to read them.

            You will be hearing from my solicitor.

          2. So, you’ve just admitted that you don’t actually know what they were, and that, therefore, I’m correct. Which also means your claims of being unconscious for two days are bs too. Feel free to waste your money on solictors’ fees over this. Personally, I think that money would be better spent on getting yourself some psychological help and support, but you do you.

          3. Btw, when I was eleven years old, my best friend’s mum died by suicide overdose, hence I take these things really seriously. Unlike you guys, I don’t think suicide is a game, or buzzword, to be thrown around whenever I don’t get my own way. It’s something tragic and horrific for those who are left behind. Your lack of compassion and readiness to reopen and exploit such trauma in others, says everything about you and how selfish and narcissistic your group is. Maybe spend some time reflecting on that too. I know you won’t because you’re incapable. But I also know other people are reading these comments and I think it’s important we contextualise how grim your lies actually are.

        1. Generic meds don’t “look identical”, champ. They have very specific markings on them, so that they can be identified. Let’s say someone does actually take an overdose, and the only clue we have is the pills lying around them, those markings are really significant. You can call me names and threaten me with “your solicitor” all you like. The truth will always out, and it’ll be pretty embarrassing for you when you have to sit in court and have experts say exactly the same thing as me, and have your lies recorded, forever, in court docs. Also, if we’re gonna talk “ableism”, I’m not the one making a mockery of people in actual mental health crises, by pretending to have one on social media, as a way to manipulate others and manufacture attention.

  2. Hi, Thank you for such a comprehensive view of the tra’s on twitter, I’m not on twitter nor ever have been. I’ve seen lots of screen shots and “Thread Readers” also been able to view those that have not locked their accounts, many trans and tras leave them open as they are seemingly so desperate for attention and are quite visibly & evidently narcissistic.
    The oozing of hatred and meanness of these types is sickening, nauseating they are spiteful nasty and their bullying extremely aggressive I believe many of them to be sociopaths and really quite dangerous and unpredictable.
    The cunning and scheming behaviour they so blatantly advocate to commit towards innocent people they have a criminal mind they have no compassion nor empathy the are devoid of kindness and love, they are selfish with a one track obsession of an ideology that is detrimental to female adults and children with the outrageous claims of being not the sex the were born as and conflating sex and gender, manipulating gaslighting coercing intimidating threatening so many females women and children. It has been a repugnant 5-10 years watching these gain momentum and seeing rights and laws changed ,stripped, blurred and abused.
    Feminists, gender critical women, Lesbians being murdered,physically assaulted and attacked, threatened on and offline doxxed lost of jobs, careers positions in companies, libraries Universities,Govt. positions political parties etc etc.
    This is a highly and particularly nasty wave of walking talking liars hell bent on denigrating lesbians radical feminists,feminists and women and children.With rich white male billionaires gay and straight funding this antisocial movement such as Rothblatt, Soros,Stryker,Pritzker, to name a few who use politicians pharmaceutical corporations, education and medical pathways to infiltrate to create insecurity, fear,doubt and divisions.
    Again Thank you for you work and research on what these males and their allies are doing to innocent women and children. we all must continue to expose these dangerous sociopath and psychopathic males,of whom so many are pederasts pedophiles and autogynephilic paraphilic predators.

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