As I’m on the subject of people tone policing those of us with DSDs, I want to share this. I thought this thread was gone forever but, by magic and perseverance, I’ve managed to retrieve it. This may be big headed but I’m so pleased. It’s one of the things I’m most proud of ever writing and I stand by every word. I also think, as a lot of my writing on here could be accused of being critical of trans people as a whole, it’s important to contextualise that. I have issues with trans activism and elements of queer theory, not the “existence of trans people”. I think this thread explains why.

The thread itself, by the way, is not on the subject of intersex, but the target audience, the woke blokes, are also guilty of tone policing intersex people/people with DSDs. I’ve been advised by many a beard owning man that I’m talking about intersex all wrong because I’m not doing it the queer theory way. So, I dedicate this post to them.

For context, I was responding to this conversation….

Okey dokey, wokey blokey, challenge accepted. First of all, a lesson. Rights movements are never founded upon giving a group rights “that others don’t have”. They’re about addressing inequality, in other words gaining rights others have but the marginalised group don’t.

For example, the black civil rights movement was about black people being considered as equals. Not having to sit on the back of the bus, having access to education, being free from race based violence etc.

The gay rights movement was about gay people having the same rights as straight. The right to be married, to have sex with other consenting adults without fear of arrest or persecution. The right not to be discriminated against because of who they loved.

Women’s rights are about addressing structural inequalities in a world that values males more highly. The right to vote, have autonomy over our bodies, be financially independent, not be discriminated against because of our sex. To take part in public life.

An important aspect of that last one is single sex spaces and initiatives. The right for women to have privacy and dignity, as well as safe spaces from male violence, and to address our historical lack of representation in public life, etc.

The trans rights movement, it seems, has become about eroding this. Denying women the right to define themselves, and organise as a group who have been denied basic humans rights in the past, and who still are in many countries around the world.

Trans people in the UK already have laws that protect them from discrimination, as they should. What they don’t have is unfettered access to sex based rights that they don’t need because they never belonged to the discriminated group.

This is giving trans people rights others don’t have. Other males don’t gain access to women’s spaces and initiatives, even if they’re vulnerable. Valuing women’s hard earned gains so little you’re willing to grant them to others, who never faced our inequality, is misogyny.

It’s male entitlement writ large. It indicates a strong, systemic prejudice that shows that our rights were never taken seriously in the first place. It undervalues what we have fought for and how hard and long we’ve had to fight for it.

Women in the UK only gained complete financial independence (as in being allowed to have our own credit cards and mortgages) within my own lifetime. Primogeniture still rules inheritance laws. We are still not equal. And yet you think we don’t deserve recognition as a group.

I’m all for trans rights. People should be able to think, look, act how they like, as long as they’re not hurting anyone, but we don’t have a right to punch down. Any group of males, telling women we should kindly share what we’ve fought so hard to gain, is doing exactly that.

As an update to the thread…I was still waiting for Qameron to get back to me at the time of my ban. I guess I’ll never know what he thought.

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  1. I’m so missing you on twitter, hopefully you’ll get unbanned. One of the first questions I ever asked you was about where all the funding came from and you gave me a post about the massive increase in funding to the likes of Stonewall, in conversations I’ve mentioned it, but alas ive no accesst to it now, and people are asking to see this. I don’t suppose by any chance you still have it?

    We are all routing for you, signing petitions etc, we want you backxx

    1. Oooh…I think I know the one you mean. I can’t put it all together now, but I’ll have time tomorrow.

      I’m missing you all on Twitter too. I’m glad I’ve got this as a way to stay in touch with people. I’m not holding my breath on the return. Twitter are even ignoring my BBB complaint at the moment.

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