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So, I’ve just had a reply from Twitter through the Better Business Bureau. Here we go…

Interestingly, they have changed their story about the multiple accounts. It’s difficult to claim that, isn’t it, once you’ve actually checked which accounts belong to a person and which do not. So, I guess we’ll never know which other accounts were removed for supposedly being mine. I still feel bad about that.

Their new reason is just as spurious though. As I explained in my blog about the ban, my report was being mass reported in the run up to it. I know this, as I regularly got emails from Twitter saying they had investigated my account and had found no violations. Here’s a couple of examples….

I think my favourite thing about this report is this last tweet (it contained quite a few, so I’ve reduced it down to show the beginning and the end). I was reported for saying some trans people are lovely. Amazing.
For context, this was about someone complaining that a woman had been mistaken for a man because of “the TERFs”

In other words, Twitter had investigated my account regularly and not once did they find a violation. The last email I have saying this is from just a week before the ban. The only sanction I ever received was the one that Twitter later admitted was an error. And yet, suddenly, they’re claiming I had “multiple violations”. Where are they? What were they?

I’ve responded with this and have ask Twitter to explain. I look forward to waiting another two weeks for them to email me without actually engaging with what I’m saying and with another spurious allegation.

Thanks to the people who have offered so much support over this and who continue to share and support my work here. I’ll keep you updated.

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  1. It really is beyond ludicrous – and the impossibility of engaging in rational conversation with them makes it yet more infuriating. SO much hope you get a sensible response – i.e. a lifting of the ban – this time. I love reading your stuff here, but Twitter was great for just coming across your writing. Fingers crossed!

  2. I’m also banned from Twitter Claire for more or less exactly the same reasons (I didn’t respect Rhys McKinnon’s demands to be called her/Rachel). Hillary3Mission has also recently been banned and last seen arguing gender with gender tyrants without any comment on the ban from the NZ Twitter gc community which surprises me a little, as like me her main focii were climate & gender and she (I may be assuming a little here due to the 3 in the handle) was very sensible on both topics.

    Meanwhile others carry on un-banned despite being referred to by most TRA as the worst of the non-indoctrinated in the country. But interactions seem almost collegial at times. Methinks there’s some shenanigans going on.

    If I think about NZ much trying to see it in others eyes, it’s this series of islands far away from most of the world, reasonably resistant to the worst impacts of climate change and capable of supporting about 10 times the number of people here currently…..

    1. Sorry to hear about your ban. Really sorry to hear about Hillary3Mission too. I really liked her account. I never saw her be abusive either. She was always polite and asked a lot of questions more than anything else. It’s rubbish. It’s up to Twitter what they do with their platform but they really can’t claim to be impartial or the internet’s town square anymore. They do not support open and honest conversations.

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