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While we’re on the subject of Mermaids and funding, it reminds me of another thread I wrote, detailing the antics of Mermaids CEO, Susie Green. I know people referred to it quite a bit, so it seems as good a time as any to revisit that and update the information. For context, as ever, this was the tweet I was responding to…

The reason Susie Green can’t take legal action is because nothing said about Mermaids, by gender critical people, is untrue. They do support surgery for younger people. Of course, I have receipts for this.

Here’s Susie promoting surgery for increasingly younger children.

Here’s Susie pushing for cross sex hormones for children as young as 13. Interesting to note that this goes way beyond the use of puberty blockers which are also discussed positively in the presentation using a study which is now under investigation.

Here’s Susie, ignoring best practice in the NHS (and most medical orgs) and claiming that “affirmation only” is the only acceptable treatment.

Here’s Susie acknowledging that the treatment pathways she promotes cause infertility but downplaying the impact this can have on mental health.

Side note here, given this blog is primarily meant to be about intersex issues, and fertility can be an issue for some intersex people. Infertility can have a devastating impact on mental health. A recent study on suicidality in women with infertility, found that 9.4% reported having suicidal thoughts or attempts. While a recent literature review on the prevalence of psychological symptoms in infertility concluded that 25% to 60% of infertile individuals report psychiatric symptoms and that their levels of anxiety and depression are significantly higher than in fertile controls.

Here’s Susie laughing at the devastating impact medical interventions had on her child’s genitalia. If this is the level of compassion she has for her own child, why is she advocating for anyone else’s?

Here’s Mermaids telling us that same sex attracted people are trans. Can you spell gay erasure and conversion therapy?

Here’s Mermaids, at their best, being complicit in the abuse and neglect of a child, by forcing them to ID as trans. In case we’re not happy with The Metro as a source, here’s the actual court report.

Mermaids now deny this but here they are saying they were actually banned from having contact with the child.

Here’s the regressive gender spectrum Mermaids uses, to tell children that if you don’t like Barbie, you’re not a girl, and if you don’t like GI Joe, you’re not a boy. Let’s not forget, Susie transed her child because they liked girly toys.

On that note, Susie has some difficulty telling a straight story. If you read interviews today, Susie will tell you she had “no problem” with her son liking girls toys and, in fact, let him do it. She claims she told him it was okay for boys to like girls’ toys, etc. And yet, we can go back through the news archives to 2011, before the world started asking awkward questions, to see that actually, Jack/Jackie’s (Susie’s child) experience was very different to that.

There’s also a bit of Susie suicide baiting her child here, as you do. I’ll talk a bit more about the suicide ideation later.

Here’s Mermaids encouraging parents to use GenderGP, a private medical practice, investigated for providing sex change hormones to a 12yo, who are not allowed to treat trans children unsupervised, who have been suspended for running an unlicensed clinic.

Here’s an informative article about the “doctors” mermaids would prefer are given access to children. Ask yourself, do we push for any other demographic to be treated by unlicensed doctors? Are trans children not entitled safe and appropriate medical care? And before someone jumps in to tell me that The Times is a “Right wing transphobic publication” (it really isn’t), here’s trans fans Pink News also reporting on it.

Here’s the tragic story of a trans teen who committed suicide after following this sort of advice and receiving a prescription for hormones from GenderGP.

Here’s Susie having some women removed from an event because they might disagree with what she says or, even worse, I guess, tell other people what she says.

Here’s Susie using the police to try to stop people tweeting things she doesn’t like. Same story in The Guardian, in case The Times is too much on the ball for you with this. And here she is doing the same because sometimes people tweet Mermaids in disagreement too.

It’s not just Susie, to be fair, let’s look at what avid Mermaids supporter and associate Helen Islan, aka mimmymum, has been up to.

Helen’s LinkedIn

Here’s Helen taking Miranda Yardley, a transsexual, to court for “transphobia” and losing, partially down to her own online behaviour and use of the slur “TERF”. Trans activists sure do love using the criminal and justice system to manage people’s wrongthink.

Here’s Helen, encouraging the targeted harassment of apostates and aiming to threaten their employment, just for asking questions. Not the healthiest way to deal with criticism. Those that feel threatened by safeguarding shouldn’t be near kids.

If you want to find out about some more of Susie’s supporters, by the way, meet HBomberGuy, who played Donkey Kong all night to raise money for Mermaids. When Graham Linehan questioned the wisdom of this and of those who supported him, his Twitter account became the target for harassment ever since. If you want to see what I mean, search his name and see how often a Donkey Kong gif, posted by some disgruntled gamergate type, shows up.

Apologies for the break in our usual programming. Now, back to Susie….

Here’s Mermaids leaking part of its email database online, including intimate details of the some of its service users. This story is Susie at her best. Her background is in IT support. The one thing she should have been able to manage was GDRP compliance, but here we are. Susie does not understand safeguarding.

Here’s Susie, telling lies and promoting suicide ideation among trans youth. This is what UK mental health and suicide prevention charity, The Samaritans, think about such dangerous weaponisation of mental health issues and reporting on suicide. Let’s not forget how Mermaids love to trot out their erroneous 40% stat too. This excellent piece from the amazing and lovely Michael Biggs explores those stats and the way they are used and abused.

Here are even more professionals and experts telling us something is wrong with Susie Green and Mermaids and their aggressive race to trans children. When are we going to listen?

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    1. I know when I had the thread on Twitter it got shared quite a bit. The TRAs weren’t fans, of course, but it’s all backed up with receipts. It is what it is.

    2. I would recommend you (not only for this post but for all the rest) to screenshot stuff in addition to the links, or learn to create website archives of those many links you posted. You never know when they disappear (or if the activists pressure to get them taken down) and valuable information is lost or covered u to never return. People love your website for being educstional so dont worry about posts looking longer

  1. Thank you for pulling all this evidence together Claire!

    The link to the BBC article on the Tavistock GIDS investigation is wonky but this one works:
    “Transgender treatment: Puberty blockers study under investigation”
    By Deborah Cohen and Hannah Barnes
    BBC Newsnight
    22 July 2019

    I am sure you have got screenshots but just in case any of those tweets by Susie Green get deleted, they are archived here:

    Marci Bowers saying surgery should be allowed based on competency NOT age of majority. Psychological assessment should not be needed for surgery as this is not required for cisgender surgeries of ANY type. Removal of the sterilisation clause is key 💜
    2:39 PM · Nov 6, 2018

    All USA clinics in this mornings talks confirmed that they use stage not age approach to prescription of gender affirming hormones, with the youngest age 13. Individualised approach for every young person, following endocrine standards of care
    12:55 PM · Nov 4, 2018

    Very encouraging to see gender affirmative treatment so clearly advocated at #WPATH2018
    12:29 PM · Nov 4, 2018

    So many young people struggle with the access to services, and choices for fertility preservation, so this presentation is particularly relevant for the young people and the families we support
    2:31 PM · Nov 5, 2018

    (These might also be archived on web.archive – I haven’t checked.)

    1. Thank you for the links. Much appreciated, especially the archives. I suspect some people in the future may indeed look back at their social media and try to distance themselves from a lot of this.

      1. I bet they will!

        There will also be a lot of, “If only we had known at the time!”, “If only someone had told us!” etc. etc.

        If I had the time I would also look at who had “Liked” and “Retweeted” those tweets of Green for further evidence of who knew about them.

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