DSDvoices: A patient’s perspective

This week’s guest blog is from the lovely Jennifer Milligan, a woman with Turners Syndrome. I’ve been lucky enough to share her perspective before about the importance of understanding women with Turners Syndrome as women. You can fine that excellent post here. This week she is tackling the issue of healthcare for people with DSDs. […]

Introducing DSDvoices…

I thought it might be useful to share some other perspectives from intersex people/people with DSDs, so I’m going to start a collection called DSDvoices. I hope this provides intersex people/people with DSDs with a space in which they can tell their stories and talk about themselves and their conditions without fear of being criticised […]

DSDvoices: On the importance of knowing Women with Turner Syndrome are women

Guest author; @soulfoodie, republished, with kind permission, from her blog. If I was nervous about writing the previous post, I am beyond nervous about writing this one. I have been thinking if I should now for several months. The fact I even have to write it, and the knowledge of some of the reactions I […]